Bridge. 2007

Rastislav Sedlacik
Acrylic on canvas
150 × 220 cm

Bridge. 2007 Acrylic on canvas,150 × 220 cm

Bridge. 2007

Despite initially focusing his studies on ceramics, Sedlačík graduated as a painter and this upcoming shift was already evident in his ceramic works. The paintings focus on the representation of space, and he oscillates between the ‘builders' grasp of space and the painter's interpretation. He entered into the public consciousness with a cycle about panel buildings, in which he effectively combined cool composition, modernist visual of housing estates with fine, almost watercolour approach the painting and painted spaces. The selected approach to  painting in contrast with the theme contributes to the eerie and somewhat apocalyptic atmosphere of the image. The image in the final competition (Bridge. 2007) is characterised by loose scripts and it is more detached from the subject than ever before.

Alexandra Kusá

KUSÁ, Alexandra: Rastislav Sedlačík. In: Catalogue for Exhibition Painting 2007 – 2013. VUB Foundation Award for Painting for Young Artists. Bratislava : VÚB Foundation, 2007 – 2013